An exciting new milestone for Bowden!

31 May 2021

Bowden Present

With our community growing by the day, Plant 4, Jarmer’s Kitchen and the surrounding retail precinct becoming a hive of activity, public transport upgrades being completed and our tree-lined streets now dotted with colourful art, Bowden really has transformed into an inspiring and close-knit community with our ambitious vision well underway to being realised.

Part of this ambitious vision is the remediation and transformation of the former Gasworks site – also known as the Bowden Heritage Precinct – into a vibrant, healthy and active part of the Bowden redevelopment and community.

You, our Bowden community, have been an important part in forming this vision. Recreation, vegetation and public amenity were just some of the common themes we heard when we asked you what you wanted to see in the design of the public open space throughout the heritage precinct of the former Gasworks site.

With South Australia currently enjoying buoyant market conditions, this has allowed us to take stock and undertake a review of the Bowden project to ensure it continues to align with our vision, capitalises on current market conditions and delivers the best outcome for our community and for South Australia.

Over the past few months, we have had numerous parties reach out to us to discuss this site, some of which have been reported in the media and others which have not.

To take advantage of the increased interest we are seeing from both local and interstate parties, we have decided to accelerate our program and will seek proposals from the open market in the coming months. As they say, make hay while the sun shines.

More than anything, we want to reassure you that accelerating our program does not mean any compromise to our long-held vision of transforming this long derelict and fenced-off industrial site into a lively, pedestrian friendly neighbourhood that combines retail, commercial, residential, open space and community activity and one that celebrates its heritage and industrial character.

We will continue to keep you up to date on our progress on this site, and our community engagement program once confirmed.

If you would like to read what our Chief Executive, Chris Menz, had to say on this next stage at Bowden and on other key South Australian development sites, please click through to the Renewal SA website.

You can read about the Heritage Precinct project, including previous community engagement, guiding principles, heritage considerations, and site investigation and remediation at the Renewal SA website.

You can also subscribe to receive the latest updates on the Bowden Heritage Precinct and opportunities to get involved in the next stage of engagement.

As always, if you would like to learn more give us a call, send us an email or visit us at the Bowden Information and Sales Centre.

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