Bowden Construction Program

3 Feb 2013

Bowden’s strong commitment to community is in evidence even before the first residents arrive. As work on infrastructure gets underway, contractor CATCON is also working for Adelaide’s west.

As part of its contract, CATCON agreed to provide 24 work experience placements and eight newly created jobs for residents of the western suburbs. The Bowden Construction Program, a partnership between the company, DFEEST, Western Futures, Carey Training and Renewal SA has so far seen twelve locals receive training for a Certificate II in Civil Construction with additional training in working at heights and in confined spaces.

Eleven of the twelve completed the program and went on to undertake work experience with CATCON. It was a great outcome for the Aboriginal community with four of those graduating being Aboriginal. Post-work experience, the successes have continued. Four participants are now working with CATCON, and three working elsewhere in the industry.

CATCON’s newest employees are at work at sites across Adelaide. Aboriginal graduates Allen Edwards and James Mellett are at Bowden and Lightsview respectively, while Jason Pilmore is at Adelaide Oval and Stephen Young is at Mawson Lakes.

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