Bowden gets its own Market Shed

27 Jul 2015

Homes are being built, new residents have moved in, and now we are excited to announce the first retail development coming to Bowden next year.

Specialty markets, cafés, restaurants and a new IGA grocery store will soon be buzzing with life in Bowden’s former industrial warehouse, Plant 4.

It’s a wonderful ‘old is new again’ story that will see the iconic saw-tooth building revamped to 5 Star Green Star design standards.

The team behind it all is Ceres Market Shed Group who currently own and operate the very popular The Market Shed on Holland and Gilbert Street IGA. They’ll bring you everything you need for day-to-day shopping, dinner or a coffee date with friends.

Through an eclectic group of talented people in design, arts, music, retail, fitness and health, the Ceres Market Shed Group will create a lively hub for Bowden’s community to connect with the neighbours, including Adelaide city, nearby suburbs and country regions.

The 420sqm IGA store will open seven days, while the gourmet speciality markets are likely to be open twice a week, with cafés, restaurants and other small tenancies trading on most days.

Over the next 6 months, we’ll be upgrading Plant 4 with new facilities, ready for the Ceres Market Shed Group to begin fitting out early next year.

This vibrant, new precinct in the heart of Bowden is scheduled to open mid-2016 to coincide with the completion of the Town Square right next door.

The whole area will be landscaped with trees, lawn and gardens — perfect for BBQs and picnics, with shelters and interactive play and water elements for cooling fun on hot days.

It will be an ideal venue for large community events, outdoor performances and quirky markets; making life at Bowden even more interesting, more connected and more desirable.

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