Bowden Urban Village gets green light

23 Apr 2011

A major milestone in one of the State’s most significant urban developments was passed today when Premier Mike Rann announced that Cabinet had granted final approval for the Bowden Urban Village project.

Premier Rann today released the plan for the entire 16-hectare development on the old Clipsal and Origin sites at Bowden and announced the Government would invest more than $264 million over the next decade to help deliver a high quality, sustainable community on the city fringe.

He said that outlay would be re-couped from the sale of land to private developers with the site expected to generate $1 billion worth of investment before it is completed.

“This development flags the beginning of a major transformation of Adelaide’s metropolitan landscape, setting a new national benchmark for higher density community living,” Mr Rann said.

“The Bowden Urban Village project will eventually provide over 2,200 dwellings for more than 3,500 people and will be a leading example of excellence in urban design, community development and environmental sustainability.

“It will also provide opportunities for new and expanding businesses to locate, establish and operate in the development area.”

Mr Rann said the project had an ambitious Sustainability Action Plan including:

  • Minimum 5-Star Green Star ratings for almost all of the buildings with 15% of buildings seeking a higher 6 star standard;
  • A pilot centralised tri-generation energy supply system to prove electricity, heating, cooling and hot water in the first stage;
  • Using stormwater for a variety of non-potable uses including toilets, washing machines and irrigation; and
  • A range of waste reduction management techniques.

“The project aims to create a Climate Smart Precinct, demonstrating environmental sustainability and innovative technology, including building design, will be a crucial element in achieving that.

“The development will also provide a great sense of community life, with streets designed as much for people and bicycles, as cars, and open spaces that are safe for families to enjoy as well as being connected to the parklands by a new pedestrian bridge that will be built over Park Terrace.”

This Media Release was issued by Premier Mike Rann and Hon Patrick Conlon on 23 April 2011.

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