Bowden's home of fresh locks

1 Oct 2021


While living on the city fringe offers us all the perks of inner city living without all the downside, we have to say having some of those stylish creature comforts right here in our community is even better.

That’s why we’re so thankful to Seb & Tom. The new kids on the block, Seb Joseph and Tom Christella, are incredible hairdressers located inside Plant 3; they’re determined to have the folks of Bowden looking and feeling their best.

Though it seems Adelaide has had a barbershop boom over the last few years (and we love that) Seb & Tom is a fully-fledged hairdressing salon. So yes, they can handle your trim or fade but they’ll also bless you with bouncy blowouts, creative colour and sumptuous style. They specialise in a seamless hand-sewn extensions technique from local Adelaide-based Yovanka Loria. And can make your balayage, bronde and ombre dreams come true too. Safe to say these guys do it all.

The childhood best friends exude a fun energy in an incredibly inclusive environment. And the results on your locks? Well, they speak for themselves.

Many know that a great hairdresser can work wonders on how you feel and become a close confident too. With their friendly personas and family-like connection, they’re already settling into the connected Bowden community perfectly.

Best of all, you can book online!

Head over to their website and give them a whirl. Or stop by to chat about how they can help you to look and feel your best.

Seb & Tom at Plant 3

10 Fourth Street, Bowden South Australia 5007, Australia


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