Bowden’s wall of fame

9 Sep 2012

The writing was quite literally ‘on the wall’ at this year’s Fringe Festival when visitors were invited to interact with Bowden’s blackboard installation in the Garden of Unearthly Delights.

The six metre wide wall which asked people to write what they thought would make life more interesting, took on a life of its own as more and more people added their comments and playful chalk drawings.

It attracted people of all ages (even the ones too young to write actual words) and created quite a buzz at the festival.

The wall made its second public appearance at the opening of the Bowden Information and Sales Centre, where yet more bright ideas were chalked up.

If you want to see what people wrote on the wall or you’d like to share your own thoughts about what would make life more interesting go to facebook.com/lifemoreinteresting.

‘Like’ the page and you can keep up to date with ‘all things interesting’, including news and competitions like our Adelaide Fringe Festival competition which saw two lucky winners receive queue-jumper passes to the Garden of Unearthly Delights.

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