Chance to have a say on Bowden

24 Feb 2012

Zoning policies at the Bowden project site are being updated and public consultation is underway allowing interested persons to view the proposed changes and make comment.

The Minister for Planning, Hon John Rau MP, has released for public consultation the Bowden Urban Village and Environs Development Plan Amendment (Bowden DPA) setting out the proposed zoning policies that support a mixed –use and higher density residential development centred on major public transport improvements.

The DPA proposes a pedestrian/cycle bridge over Park Terrace to improve links between the Village and the Adelaide Park Lands as well as the establishment of a Main Street Policy Area to act as a community hub and activity node within the Village for residents and businesses.

The Bowden DPA can be viewed by following the link: 

Written submissions can be made to:

The Presiding Member
Development Policy Advisory Committee
Bowden DPA

C/- Dept of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
GPO Box 1815

The public consultation period ends at 5pm, 11 April 2012.

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