Community engagement success
 at Bowden

13 Jan 2012

LMC’s flagship urban infill project at Bowden achieved strong endorsement at a recent review of its community engagement approach.

The formal review, conducted in late 2011 by the Bowden Development Reference Group (BDRG) and LMC, followed the first year of operation of the reference group. The review enabled the BDRG to raise matters of concern and they also applauded the work by LMC to date.

The $1 billion Bowden development is South Australia’s first large-scale higher density, mixed-use urban development, pioneering a model for highly amenable, vibrant living close to the city. Its focus is ‘walkable’ distances, an active community and sustainable outcomes. The 16-hectare redevelopment of the former Clipsal and Origin industrial sites over the next 10 to 15 years will accommodate more than 3,500 people in approximately 2,400 homes.

BDRG members comprise a mix of representatives from community groups in the project area and individual residents that meet monthly. To date they have influenced decisions on:

  • Public open space
  • Street design
  • Environmental quality
  • Wider community communication
  • Bowden branding development
  • Information centre operation and design;
  • A place-making program that includes active use of vacant buildings.

LMC’s Community Engagement Director Vivienne Lambert says the review gave valuable feedback as well as ideas for future community engagement activity across LMC’s projects.

“The review found that BDRG input was taken seriously by LMC and gave voice to a broad mix of opinions and ideas as well as ready access to experts and project staff when questions arose.

“The Bowden project team valued the group’s input that brought community interests and issues to their attention, and its considerable efforts to disseminate information throughout the local community.

“We will make some changes to future community engagement activity as a direct result of feedback, including developing more tools to assist members to communicate with their community,” Vivienne said.

LMC General Manager Projects Sandy Rix who leads the Bowden project team said the BDRG has been a fantastic experience so far and has surprised the project team with both the level and value of participation.

“The group has demonstrably added value to the planning and delivery process; in many cases where LMC has been in the media spotlight, the BDRG and wider community has independently supported LMC. That’s a testament to a strong and mutually beneficial relationship.”

Further information

The $1 billion Bowden development incorporates a lively cultural scene and colourful street life in its vision for South Australia’s first large scale higher-density, mixed-use urban development. The 16-hectare redevelopment of the former Clipsal and Origin industrial sites over the next 10 to 15 years will accommodate more than 3,500 people in more than 2,400 homes and 20,000sqm of commercial space in addition to 12,000sqm of retail development. First land sales to industry will commence from March 2012 while off-the-plan sales to the public are expected to commence by late 2012, depending on market conditions.

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