Community Street Art on Gibson

8 Nov 2018

Community artist Aiyudot Khom will be showcasing a series of artworks within Bowden, that will be presented on seven chain wire fences along Gibson Street – a short stroll from the Entertainment Centre, the new Bowden Train Station and the vibrant Plant 4.

Working collaboratively with key businesses and groups throughout the Precinct, including CirKids, Aiyudot will present artworks inspired by these organisation that illustrate the unique character of Bowden.

The first artworks celebrate Cirkidz, the circus school and performing troupe located just down the road on Fifth Street.

Young artists from Cirkidz’s performance program worked with Aiyudot on the design and installation of these artworks. Each panel expresses a feature that the young artists identified as making Cirkidz unique.

From left to right:
Panel 1 – Teamwork
Panel 2 – Trust
Panel 3 – Community
Panel 4 – Individuality
Panel 5 – Creative
Panel 6 – Inclusion
Panel 7 – Embrace the difference

Aiyudot Khom has been exhibiting his street artwork on chain wife fences across South Australia since 2016. You may have seen his work on Goodwood Road (Goodwood Primary School fence), Hawthorndene (Apex Park), Tonsley (Main Assembly Building), Highgate (Modbury Sporting Hub) and in the Adelaide CBD (Franklin, Wright and Clarendon Streets).


Community Street Art on Gibson
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