Countdown to opening of new Bowden Display Centre

3 Sep 2019


Countdown to opening of new Bowden Display Centre

Bowden will shortly open the doors to its first display centre, showcasing a fully fitted-out 354 Bowden apartment as well as a Guild Terrace for prospective buyers looking for a city-fringe lifestyle.

Located adjacent to the Bowden Town Park at 24 Gibson Street, the display centre will be fully complete around mid-September 2019. However, for those who can’t possibly wait, the 354 Bowden apartment can be previewed now, while the Guild Terrace next door gets its finishing touches.

The display centre will allow visitors to get a real sense of the colours and finishes used to create both types of home, while giving them an opportunity to imagine life in the Bowden community.

The 354 Bowden apartments are aimed at those who are seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle with a light industrial vibe created by high ceilings and stainless steel appliances.

The Guild Terraces feature a unique brick façade and are Torrens-Titled, which means that home-buyers get their own unique address and own both their home and the land on which it is built. Courtyard and balcony options are also available.

Both types of home will be Five Star Green Star rated.

Bowden is designed to be a walkable community where people can live without a car, yet stay connected in every way. All dwellings have high street appeal and subtle references to Bowden’s rich history of workers’ cottages and city-founding industries, including gasworks, brickmaking, glassworks and electrical manufacturing.

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