Dave Court takes over Bowden

14 July 2021


If you’ve noticed the house on the corner of Gibson Street and Hawker Street looking decidedly brighter lately and wondered ‘What’s going on here?’, let us explain.

Dave Court is an artist whose work you’d undoubtedly have noticed around Adelaide and the country. His artistry has previously been the face of the Adelaide Fringe, so it’s hard to miss. But this is even harder to miss! Adelaide Fringe allowed him to paint this property alongside Porter Paints. How fantastic! But that’s not all.

Inside local gallery Praxis Artspace, Dave is doing something else even more unique. His latest exhibition House Party is showing until July 23rd and displays how he reimagined every inch of a house nestled in the Adelaide Hills. The house has since been demolished and all that’s left are the works inside Praxis.

What will also remain are the NFTs of the original works. These are digital codes that show you are the owner of the digital version of this work. It’s a concept that’s taking off worldwide and you’ll undoubtedly be about to see more of in far more than just the art world.

Beyond just his bright and visually striking use of colour, in the Praxis House Party exhibition there’s also an AR and VR element whereby you can use your phone to explore extra parts of the works or see more about the original painted House.

Dave is trailblazing in doing things differently and this head turning exhibition is a must to explore.

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