Designing spaces at Bowden as an architect

3 Jan 2013

“We are truly excited to see Bowden grow and spring to life.”

Rachel Catt, an architect working with Systembuilt, says imagining how one would live in a new home is one of the joys of designing spaces.

“Small images pop into your head, such as picking a lime as you enter the front gate, or feeling cool air as you walk from the lower courtyard to the roof terrace,” says Rachel.

“Architecture, for me, is about drawing an idea, again and again, until it fits just so into the requirements and constraints imposed by structure, budget, space allowances, height restrictions and more.”

It’s these scenes she imagined for Loft on Seventh. Designed for Systembuilt Homes as part of the first stage of the Bowden renewal, the twelve terraces will line Seventh Street.

Says Rachel, “We are truly excited to see Bowden grow and spring to life. To see how those living in the spaces will be venturing out, walking and cycling along tree-lined streets to local markets and cafes, sitting in the sun and reading the paper, chatting to neighbours.”

And, with the development offering the highest levels of sustainability as part of the Green Building Council of Australia Green Star ratings, she’s a huge fan herself.

“It’s highly likely you’ll see me at that café and cycling down those streets.”

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