Grass is greener at Park Terrace Community Garden

21 Oct 2019

There are no shrinking violets at the Park Terrace Community Garden this year, as the garden’s devotees prepare for their annual Spring Planting Day.

Friends of the garden will gather this Saturday 26 October from 10.00am-11.00am to plant this season’s harvest and anyone who lives nearby is invited to grab a gardening fork and join in the fun.

The Annual General Meeting of the Park Terrace Community Garden Committee will be held on the same day at Plant 4 Bowden at 8.30am.

“Community gardening is fantastic for wellbeing and friendship and we welcome like-minded people to share in the joy of growing your own vegetables, fruit and flowers,” says Chair of the Committee, Katriona Kinsella.

“We have two mass plantings per year, one in Spring and one in Autumn, and in between these times we run drop-in sessions every Saturday to tend to the garden and share in its produce.”

Located in the Adelaide parklands in between Bowden and North Adelaide, the garden was initially established in July 2016 with support from Renewal SA and the Adelaide City Council. It is now entirely volunteer-led and self-funded, overseen by a dedicated committee of locals.

“With a bit of vision and drive, and lots of help along the way, we have been able to convert a disused part of the parklands into a delicious edible garden, which has allowed local residents in Bowden and nearby suburbs to pursue their love of gardening and get to know their neighbours,” Katriona says.

On most Saturday mornings, you can find long-term Committee member and Treasurer Andrew Kerr at the garden, ensuring that everything is ticking over and members know what jobs need to get done.

“We are a little different from other community gardens in that we have no fences and all plots are shared, not loaned to individuals,” says Andrew.

“This means that all fruits and vegetables grown in our garden beds are distributed among our members.

“We don’t mind if visitors take a little spinach or some herbs here and there, but we do ask that people respect the garden and the volunteers who run it and that they do not pick produce before it is ripe,” Andrew says.

The garden includes several raised beds for those who find it difficult to bend down and a special children’s plot for little ones who want to get their hands dirty and discover the wonder of growing their own plants.

It is entirely irrigated with recycled water and boasts a well-resourced tool shed to enable gardeners to successfully cultivate a wide range of plants.

Over time, the garden has developed a reputation for its impressive zucchinis and eggplants.

Once the fruit trees have established, the members are also looking forward to bumper crops of apples, plums, apricots and quinces.

However the focus for this year’s Spring Planting Day is on tomatoes, onions, leeks, capsicums, chilis and leafy greens.

To join in on Spring Planting Day, members of the community are invited to register to become a friend of the garden via the Park Terrace Community Garden website. The annual membership fee is $25.00 for an individual and $30.00 for a household.

Members have the opportunity to share in the garden’s produce, have a say in what is planted, utilise the garden’s tools, vote at the garden’s Annual General Meeting, and most importantly, be a part of a nature-loving community.

“You don’t have to be an experienced gardener to join our group,” Katriona says.

“We value all skills – including fundraising, social media and cooking! No matter what your talent, we love to see as many faces as possible at our drop-in sessions and welcome the community’s support.”

It is that community support that recently helped the committee raise more than $3,000 at its highly successful quiz night on 10 October 2019. These funds will be used to purchase new plantings and equipment and support projects at the garden that help bring the community together and promote the sustainability of the garden.

The Park Terrace Community Garden is not fenced and is always open, however members and interested locals are encouraged to drop in regularly on Saturdays at 9.30am.

New faces at the garden are also welcome to contact the volunteers to make a time to visit the garden at a time that suits them.

For all happenings at the garden, check out the Park Terrace Community Garden Facebook page or send a direct query to [email protected].

Grass is greener at Park Terrace Community Garden

Park Terrace Community Garden Committee members, Mike and Katriona, make preparations for Spring Planting Day


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