Jessie Spiby Opens Sustainable Cafe In Bowden

30 Jul 2018

Since shooting to foodie fame on Masterchef 2015, Jessie Spiby has been on a culinary journey.

Her focus and passion honed in on sustainability and we’re so thrilled that path lead to the doors of Plant 4 at Bowden.

Following the success of her online store, My Grandma Ben is now getting a bricks and mortar presence right here in our community. The eatery will have the utmost focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing, from the dishes served up, right down to cutlery and crockery; an ethos we think is fabulous in our Green Star community.

You can expect the menu to be seasonal in nature with plenty of pickles and preserves in the mix. But most importantly, sourced from extremely local produce, for example: your backyard. The My Grandma Ben team encourage locals to bring in their excess homegrown produce with an exchange system. So you aren’t letting those precious lemons go to waste!

Grandma Ben was an actual person, who’s loving, nurturing outlook and anti-waste mentality lead to a shared appreciation for food. And this is what Jessie hopes to provide to our community. Not only with dishes in the eatery and sharing produce, but recipes , tips and tricks and workshops too.

My Grandma Ben opens in Bowden this week and we can’t wait to try it all.

Open: Wed to Sun from 8am


Plant 4 Bowden
[email protected]
0402 149 029

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