New community garden to bring more than just greenery to Bowden

10 Mar 2016

The upcoming community garden following the Park Lands upgrade across from Bowden has us quite excited.

The recent official launch of the upgraded grounds — thanks to Renewal SA, Adelaide City Council and Charles Sturt Council — saw around 3,000 people explore and enjoy the brilliant new facilities that our new ‘front yard’ had to offer.

But the large-scale upgrade isn’t fully complete just yet. Through the Renewal SA Works Program, locals will gain work experience and a Certificate II in Civil Construction whilst helping create this stunning multi-functional space for local residents.

Recent research by the University of Adelaide has shown that our community garden, among others like it, can provide so much more than just greenery to the community.

“While very local in scale, common motivations for involvement in community gardening include: the desire to consume fresh produce, reduce food costs, pursue social networking, and develop improved mental and physical health,” says study leader Dr Melissa Nursey-Bray, Head of the University’s Department of Geography, Environment and Population.

The study found that community gardens can help build localised combative responses to the impending problem of climate change.

“They can also act as a mechanism for strengthening community cohesion by building ongoing inter-generational valuing of and attachment to the environment,” says Dr Nursey-Bray.

Along with the local community and the councils, Renewal SA has been working on a solidified plan for the area. Around 40 locals have already expressed interest in participating once the garden opens and a volunteer-based committee has also been formed. Those ideas are flowing.

Both Megan Clements and her son, Jet, of Bowden can’t wait to see progress unfold, and North Adelaidean and landscape designer David Baptiste has put his hand up to help plan this new community project.

With vibrant mosaic pots, an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, and even a children’s maze included as concepts for the proposed $60,000 plan, this area will undoubtedly be a hub of activity for residents of Bowden and the surrounding areas.

The community garden is also set to include a raised garden beds, children’s gardening space with hexagonal garden beds and 16 new blue gum trees.

Combining this with excellent facilities of a play space, barbecues, tennis and basketball courts and the extremely popular, new integrated skate area that were completed with the Park Lands opening will create a space that is inclusive and useful for all members of the community.


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