Attention green thumbs! New pop-up community garden coming soon to Bowden.

19 January 2023

While the Park Terrace Community Garden (PTCG) in the City of Adelaide parklands is undergoing a little refresh, we didn’t want the Bowden community to go without. As such, the wonderful folks of the PTCG management committee, in conjunction with Renewal SA, have organised a new temporary “pop-up community garden” to ensure your green thumbs can keep wiggling.

The Bowden Pop-up Community Garden will consist of 12 wicking beds and four standard garden beds, and will be located next to the Adelaide Bike Kitchen on Third 
Street. It’ll stay here to bring locals joy and abundant produce (hopefully!), for approximately 2 to 3 years.

Excited to be involved? Let’s get to the nitty gritty.

  • For those who want their own private space, ten wicking bed plots will be leased and allocated to community members through an expression of interest (EOI) process this month (November 2022). Rent for a leased wicking bed plot will be $60 per year.
  • The remaining two wicking bed plots and the four standard raised garden beds will be shared by the community garden members. Membership fees for the shared garden beds will be $40 per year for an individual or $50 per household.
  • These shared garden bed rates are the same as those in the PTCG in the parklands. If you are already a financial member of the PTCG and are selected for a wicking bed within the Bowden pop-up community garden, you will only need to pay an extra $20 per year. 

As a leaseholder, you’ll have keys to unlock the garden, use of the tool shed and access to water, so that you can tend to your plot at any time that suits you. With other community gardens in the area bursting at the seams with members, this is your chance to get your own garden patch with ease and comfort, far closer to home. 

All this excitement isn’t without a little elbow grease. As such, there will be a working bee on Saturday 19th November and we are looking for volunteers to assist in setting up the garden.

Not only will you have had your hand in establishing something that will support your community, but volunteer names will also go into the draw (along with those registered through the EOI process) to be allocated a leased wicking bed plot of their own! Please note this is a chance draw, there is no guarantee of being allocated a plot. However, all residents of Bowden can become members and have access to the shared plots.

Membership of the Bowden Pop-up Community Garden is open to residents of the local Bowden community and will be managed by the PTCG committee. If you are a passionate gardener or even a plant-loving novice, this is your time to be part of a flourishing community activity.

Once the ‘pop-up’ aspect of the garden is finished, the wicking beds will be moved to the permanent (plus new and improved) Park Terrace Community Garden. As a member, you’ll still be able to share in the bounty of your efforts after the relocation.

To volunteer for the working bee on November 19th, or to put your name down for the EOI process for your own wicking bed, register your interest via the PTGC Facebook page and send them a message.

We look forward to seeing this project GROW and are really excited to once again be embracing the natural side of Bowden.
The Bowden Pop-up Community Garden, membership terms and conditions and fees are all managed by the Park Terrace Community Group management committee. For more information on this initiative, please contact the Park Terrace Community Group via Facebook: Park Terrace Community Garden – Home | Facebook or email: [email protected]
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