Plant 3 coming soon

14 December 2020


You may have heard the news, but just in case you happen to have wandered our Bowden streets with blinkers on, Plant 3 has now been officially announced.

Adjacent to the ever-popular Plant 4, the new plant will have a more retail focus. Jono and his family truly helped transform Plant 4 into the space it is today so who better to do so right next door.

This conjoined twin (yes, the buildings will be connected with a mezzanine walkway) will feature a microbrewery and restaurant, barber, bottle shop, cafe, bar and licenced multi-use function space.

The team from inner-city favourite, Nola have been announced as the beer slingers dubbing the venue, Bowden Brewing. This is quite literally as the boys will be making beer in Bowden. It will be “ a localised brewery, which is for the community around it, and you’re not really going to see the beers in too many places other – it’s not a wholesale model, it’s a venue model.” said owner Ollie to City Mag.

Plant 3 is currently set to open early-to-mid-2021. Progress is moving quickly and you’ll see the steel framework already taking great shape.

Great things to come. We can’t wait to see it all unfold.

Photos courtesy of Facebook.com/Plant-3-Bowden

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