Plant 4 Achieving Australian Excellence

27 Mar 2018

Our friends at Plant 4 Bowden are kicking more sustainability goals after recently being awarded a 5 Star Green Star Design and As Built rating. This means it represents Australian Excellence in building design and construction.

It also means things like all lighting is efficient LED or fluorescent while being controlled by light sensors and timers to provide light only when it’s needed. Mix that with excellent natural lighting and ventilation (due to the adaptive reuse of the original saw tooth Clipsal building) means an overall reduction of energy usage.

All the plumbing fixtures are the highest efficiency available and the building has a building management system to monitor and manage power and water consumption and air conditioning.

Plant 4 was awarded points in ALL categories including ‘Innovation’ ‘Land use and ecology’, ‘Emissions’ and ‘Management’.

It’s great to have local businesses share our sustainability ethos and strive for new heights in adaptive reuse.

You can find out more about our Green Star community here.

Plant 4 Achieving Australian Excellence
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