Property Council welcomes Bowden announcement

23 Apr 2011

The Property Council welcomes today’s announcement on the Bowden Urban Village development, saying it opens a new phase in Adelaide living.

“This is a major jab in the arm for infill development, and Bowden Village will be the model that Adelaide’s future infill communities will be based upon,” Property Council (SA Division) Executive Director Nathan Paine said.

“This development will portray to Adelaide home buyers all the benefits of a near-city, self contained development that doesn’t demand that everyone own their own car.

“Bowden Village will be Adelaide’s first planned, high density, walkable community. It will soon become a beacon for home buyers and investors attracted to the appeal of new suburbs with inbuilt amenity.

“It will be easy to get around on foot, it’s close to the CBD, it’s surrounded by parks and it’s close to jobs – it just makes sense.”

The Property Council has been a strong supporter of infill residential development and has supported the vision of Urban Development and Planning Minister John Rau of a future from Adelaide that increasingly grows up rather than out. The initial plans for three to five level developments will set the groundwork for higher-density vertical communities that will inject economic and social vibrancy into the new urban centre.

“Today’s announcement is a leap in the right direction and we congratulate the Government and the key Ministers involved for delivering this project,” Mr Paine said.

“From our experience of similar infill developments around the world, upfront government investment is a critical catalyst that delivers enormous community rewards over time.

“The State Government’s quarter-of-a-billion dollar commitment to the early stages of this project has set it up for success.

“When Bowden Village becomes a reality, people’s misconceptions about infill development will quickly fall away – I am looking forward to being a part of it.”

This Media Release was issued by the Property Council (SA division) on 23 April 2011.

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