Shaping space at Bowden

9 Jul 2012

There was a hive of activity when local students, residents, developers and design professionals joined in two workshops discussing the future of the Gibson Street Reserve.

The workshops supported by the City of Charles Sturt, engaged the community in trialling a tool called ‘Spaceshaper’. Developed in the UK, workshops are held to bring together those that use the reserve, developers and design professionals in the redevelopment of public spaces.

About 20 local residents including members of the Bowden Development Reference Group took part in the evening workshop. They were able to compare views and discuss use, access, safety and what’s important to the community as well as explore new ideas for improvement.

Earlier in the day, students from Brompton Primary School participated in the junior version of `Spaceshaper’. Their input was later included as a case study at the Child and Youth Friendly Cities Forum held in partnership between the Urban Renewal Authority, the Council for the Care of Children, Department for Education and Child Development and the Integrated Design Commission.

The Gibson Street Reserve, located opposite the project site on Seventh Street, has received a $100,000 in commitment for redevelopment from the Bowden Project in partnership with the City of Charles Sturt.

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