The Great Bowden Race – Bowden to City results

15 Dec 2013

Bowden is connected with endless transport opportunities, from trams to trains, cycle paths to rivers — there are so many choices and ways to get where you’re going.

But what we really wanted to know was which method of transport was the best and what better way to do that than hold a race; but not just any race, The Great Bowden Race!

Each team member was tasked with the responsible to travel from the Bowden Information & Sales Centre to the banks of the River Torrens using different modes of transport.

This race wasn’t for the faint-hearted, timetables were not allowed to be consulted and every team member had to leave at the same time 8.15am on the dot.

The Results

1st place – Bicycle
Time: 9.54 mins

2nd place – Motorbike
Time: 11.36 mins

3rd place – Run
Time: 11.58 mins

4th place – Train
Time: 15.29 mins

5th place – Car
Time: 21.53 mins

6th place – Walk
Time: 24.39 mins

7th place – Tram
Time: 27.38 mins

8th place – Kayak
Time: 35.15 mins

See the photo gallery here.

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