Time to separate your dharma from your kharma

12 Mar 2020

physiotherapy and yoga studio

The doors have opened to Bowden’s newest physiotherapy and yoga studio, providing a holistic approach to health for all members of the community regardless of age, experience, fitness level or spiritual beliefs.

Juliana Portolesi runs Centred Ground from 54 Gibson Street and offers physio consultations and therapeutic yoga sessions on most days of the week. Built on the premise that good health is ‘more than the absence of pain’, Juliana has created a space where clients can slow down and reconnect mentally, emotionally and physically.

“My aim is to educate and empower people to live with more peace and ease,” says Juliana.

The inspiration for Centred Ground came from Juliana’s own personal journey to health, in which an intense work schedule and a high desire to achieve ultimately brought on anxiety and burn-out. Her doctor suggested yoga instead of medication, and from day one Juliana was hooked.

“I learned the hard way that the health of our minds is just as important— if not more important—than having a healthy body,” Juliana says.

“I was lucky that I had a GP who thought laterally and considered me as a whole person, not just an illness.

“Yoga helped me so much, calming my mind, helping me to slow down and become centred, while teaching me the power and importance of committing to change.

“I now apply these learnings to my physio and yoga practice, in the hope that others can find their way back to wellness through mindfulness and connection with themselves and community.”

Centred Ground is a warm, welcoming and inclusive place, the culmination of a dream that has grown from Juliana’s home yoga practice and her several years’ experience as a physiotherapist in a clinical environment.

She provides personalised wellbeing programs to prevent and treat musculoskeletal and sporting injuries, pain conditions and chronic illnesses, as well as small group yoga classes based on the Iyengar Method to improve concentration, reduce stress, induce better sleep and enhance balance and coordination.

“My practice is about treating the root cause of pain, not just the symptom of pain,” says Juliana.

“I often see clients with shoulder pain or lower back pain, and I always look at the whole body to determine what the cause of the problem is, so we can treat the underlying pain source.”

Juliana believes that Bowden is the ideal location for her practice as the community’s ideals around walkability and liveability match that of her business.

“The time is right and the place is right to create a community of wellbeing in Bowden, where humans can connect with other humans, and where perfectionism, competition and self-criticism are left at the door with your shoes.”

To make a booking or find out further information about Juliana’s services, visit the Centred Ground website.


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